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Our orchards

Our dried fruits are produced in village Yervandashat which is an ecologically clean region in Armenia. Grown and produced in Ararat Valley from the ancient times, our fruits experience abundant sunshine and dry climate of Armenian highlands - an ideal environment to grow these delicious and at the same time sweet fruits.

Devoted to the cultivation of fruit trees our orchards serve not only a productive purpose but an aesthetic one as well capturing the beauty o Armenian nature.

We have been growing fruits since 1994 but everything dates back to 1910s. We started our business when fruit gardens were massively cut down in rural areas all around the village, and the land was used to grow other crops. We quickly created a farm to grow seedlings from selected varieties of apricot, plum, peach and other fruits. Since 1994 to these days we have managed to plant more than 2 000 fruit trees on our plots of land, around 20 000 on the territory of Yervandashat and 35 000 industrial and table varieties spread throughout our region.


Get acquainted with our fruit gardens and discover the process of producing dried fruits.

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Sahmanapahneri 1/2, Yervandashat village, Armavir province, Armenia

+374 93 18 47 55


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